Top FAQs for A Car Maintenance Package Purchase in The UAE

Buying a car is a big decision of one’s life but how to maintain is a challenge a person faces. The real efforts start after a car is purchased and improper or lack of car maintenance can cause problems for not only the owner but also for the vehicle itself.

The most frequently asked questions a vehicle owner has while living in the UAE for car maintenance consist of or are related to the maintenance packages, they can get for their car’s maintenance which is not only budget-friendly but also offered by renowned service centers and companies.

Clogged Filters
Clogged Filters
Some frequently asked questions by car owners for car maintenance package purchases in the UAE include:
  •   Where to find the nearest car maintenance Dubai service center?
  1. zDegree workshops are easily accessible in Al Quoz, DIP, and City Walk. If you reside in Dubai,
  •  When to know the car needs maintenance?
  1. Keep an eye out for the aforementioned warning indicators.
  2. Follow as indicated in the guidebook
  3. Dashboard indicator lights
  4. Problems with braking
  5. There are squeals and squeaks.
  6. The engine didn't make it.
  7. Ignition problems caused by vibrations
  8. Obtaining lower miles per gallon
Brake Repair
Brake Repair
  • How long will the car maintenance take?
  • Are there any packages being offered for car maintenance?
  • What do the packages include?
  • Should one opt for a prepaid plan for car maintenance?
  • What are the charges for services?
  • How to keep the engine in good condition?
  • How long can the car battery sit unused?
Battery Repair
Battery Repair
  • Why is the car AC not cooling fast?
  1. Clogged filters are one of the most typical causes of AC problems. Filters can become clogged by dirt, pet hair, pollen, and dust. When filters get blocked, the movement of air through your AC becomes restricted.

Consequently, your air conditioner does not efficiently chill your air quality.

  •   How often should car oil be changed?

Should car tint be opted for or complete color job? And much more...

Engine Repair
Engine Repair

There exist different questions for each car type in accordance with the weather in UAE. However, zDegree has answers and solutions for all the above-mentioned questions and for more.

The trained staff using the best state-of-the-art equipment is always ready to check the vehicles for faults at arrival, suggest the best suitable packages to clients, explain to them what is needed and what is not and then allow them to take their decision freely after which the team works on the repairs ensuring no stone is left unturned and the car, as well as the client, leave with happiness and full faith on zDegree and its team.

To make it easier for the customers zDegree offers 4 different packages such as Silver, Golden, Platinum, and Bronze for car maintenance services allowing the client to choose from the most appropriate one according to their need. The packages include the basic maintenance and then different added repairs which might be different from vehicle to vehicle. The packages come with certain terms and conditions which can be read on our website as well under the section of auto repair services.

Our customers can bring their cars to any of our zDegree workshops for car maintenance UAE.  So, book an appointment today. Apart from this we can easily be contacted at 0800 933 4733 or emailed at [email protected] for any queries or FAQS.

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